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Hello, my name is Kit Caldwell and I am a new media designer. This means I create interactive websites, stimulating graphic design, and interesting visual pieces. My design motto is to always create a unique user experience. I want my clients to walk away feeling that they have a unique, one-of-a-kind, creation that reflects their vision. So, if you are looking for pieces that are so visually intense that it could save the world, then you are at the right place. If you are interested in hiring me, please fill out an inquiry in the contact form below. And if I am not eating a slice of cake or saving the world, I'll be sure to get back to you in due time.


First of all I will try to get a feel for what your vision is and how we can work together to best bring your ideas to light.


So at this point we have found what you want to convey. Now let's refine how we are going to convey it. At this point I will be sending multiple thumbnails for approval.


At this point we are at the next stage of the project and developing final compositions and fully bringing the client idea to life.


Your project at this point is live and complete everything should be as amazing as you envisioned it, if not better.


At this point in the project we are looking at the success of the project and making sure that your idea and my creation lives up to your expectations.

Codex Studios

Recent Works

Here you can check out all of my recent projects.

Latest Project: JavaBot

Current Project: Portfolio

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Hello again, my name is Kit and I am a creative person and a superhero... Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell you that second part. I have been designing since middle school but professionally since college. Speaking of college, I graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte with a Bachelor's of Arts majoring in Web Design and Interactive Media in spring 2011. My hobbies include baking cakes, trying to protect my secret identity, designing, and long flights around the world.

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Hiya. Here is how to reach me.

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5015 Roundstone Way
Charlotte, NC 28216